In Which Actual Joe Biden and 'Onion' Joe Biden Pal Around on Reddit and Twitter

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The Onion's brilliant creation, "Diamond" Joe Biden, stopped by Reddit, in character, for one of the site's signature Ask Me Anything sessions on Friday afternoon. And, hey, look who asked something over Twitter just as the AMA began:

So that happened, and it's so beyond meta that our heads hurt. It confirms that the vice-president (or at least his office) is aware of his satirical alter-ego: the foul-mouthed, Trans-Am-driving, skirt-chaser known to hundreds of Onion articles. And, of course, "Diamond" Joe answered:



So why would Actual Joe Biden indulge the funniest incarnation of the Uncle Joe Biden whom the Internet loves so much? Maybe he thinks he's funny! After all, Actual Joe Biden is pretty funny himself, and "Diamond" Joe's answers on Reddit this afternoon didn't disappoint. Some highlights:

And another:

One more:

And, yes, there's a theme here:

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