The First Hillary Clinton Super PAC Is Here

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If you (and President Obama) thought everyone was getting a little too excited about a potential Hillary Clinton 2016 run, these longtime Clinton supporters are getting a head start by launching their Super PAC now. Why wait, right? It's all legal, and for all four years this time around.

The Week's Marc Ambinder reports that Allidia Black and Judy Beck are the two chiefly responsible for "Ready for Hillary," the new Super PAC that will officially launch next Monday. While it doesn't have any official affiliation to Clintion, the group will serve as common ground for supporters donors who are "ready for Hillary." If their Twitter followers are indication, there are lots of people ready and waiting. Of course, the real Hillary isn't ready yet, saying on last night's 60 Minutes that she still can't predict what's going to happen in 2016; President Obama said he's sick of the 2016 speculation himself. 

The Super PAC's launch is also interesting because it's four years out from the election, and this is going to be the first full election cycle we experience with Super PACs starting this early. While it seem like they've been around forever, Restore Our Future and American Crossroads were only launched in 2010.

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