Hillary Clinton Returning to the Office Next Week and Will Testify on Benghazi

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After leaving the hospital where she was already conducting official State Department business, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to Foggy Bottom next week, reports Bloomberg News:

A State Department spokesperson confirmed the news of Clinton's return to the office, although when, exactly, she will testify on the Benghazi attacks, remains unclear. Her appearance should put to rest the curious rumors floating around right-leaning media suggeting that Clinton invented her concussion, and maybe her subsequent hospital visit, to get out of testifying on the State Department's involvement in the Benghazi attacks. Which by now could very well be a moot point: three State Department staffers were asked to resign following the department's internal investigation into the attacks, which Clinton acted upon immediately, even after she suffered a concussion.

Clinton was admitted to Manhattan's New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday night due to a blood clot behind her right ear, caused by the concussion in mid-December. She left the hospital Wednesday, but only after a whirlwind of misunderstanding about whether she had actually been discharged from treatment.

According to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Clinton is feeling well and already talking with her staff:


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