Fox's Latest Hillary Clinton Concussion Theory: She Was Pushed!

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And you thought Concussiongate was over! The web of conspiracy theories surrounding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's concussion from fainting on December 15 (and her subsequent hospitalization on December 30) mostly dissipated when Clinton testified last week before the Senate and House about the September attacks in Benghazi, Libya. (A bunch of vocal conservatives believed Clinton was faking her injury as a ploy to avoid testifying.) But, judging from Fox News Channel's morning talk show Fox & Friends today, elements of Concussiongate — such as the belief that Clinton is somehow still messing with the circumstances of her injury in all these recent public appearances — stubbornly persist. Here's what co-host Brian Kilmeade said this morning during a discussion of Clinton and President Obama's joint 60 Minutes interview:

I think for some reason [60 Minutes] just didn't dig into anything at all. ... For one thing, I would like to know, did [Hillary Clinton] pass out and hit her head, was she pushed? How did she hit her head and get a concussion? 

Pushed? By whom? Her notoriously protective press secretary? A roving band of Tumblr users? Whatever the content of Kilmeade's imagination, co-host Gretchen Carlson quickly (and admirably) shut down the conversation, apparently aware of how absurd the speculation sounds. Watch the exchange below:

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