Forget Paul Ryan, Martin O'Malley Has the Best Abs on the Hill

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During the election the only thing more sought after than Mitt Romney's tax returns was a picture of Paul Ryan's abs. Neither appeared. But forget him and look at the rippled chest of Martin O'Malley, the owner of the best abs in Washington. Buzzfeed's Ruby Cramer snapped this picture of the Maryland Governor participating in the annual Special Olympics Polar Bear dip. And, seriously, look at that man's chest. He's the one in the middle with the six pack and the chest of a professional wrestler.

O'Malley is 50-years-old. He is eight years older than Paul Ryan. What are they putting in the water in Maryland?

Ryan's abs became an election story in their own right when he went around claiming to only have six percent body fat thanks to the P90X workout. We talked about them at length while longing to see them, but the closest we ever came was a pre-P90X ab-less old photo from TMZ. There were those beefcake-y Time photos, but alas, they featured way too much clothing. Ryan's abs came up just the other day in a New York Times profile of Joe Biden. "As everyone knows, Mr. Biden is a fitness god. And not in that trendy P90X Paul Ryan way," Mark Leibovich wrote. 

Sorry Mr. Biden, but it's time to bow to the real king. 

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