Michelle Obama's Eye Roll Blamed on John Boehner's Bad Small Talk

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Since Michelle Obama and Speaker John Boehner won't exactly tell us what was behind the he-said-she-eye-rolled exchange they had on Inauguration Day, we're now having to rely on the inexact science of lipreading. The verdict? Boehner cracked a stale joke about the President's smoking habit.

Expert lip reader Larry Wenig told Inside Edition that Boehner asked President Obama—who famously quit the habit after his first inauguration—about having a cigarette then joked, "Somebody won't let you do it." Then this happened: 

We would probably roll our eyes too if someone made a tired "ball and chain"-style joke like we weren't even in earshot. But should this tale be believed? Maybe. Obama was chewing on a lot of gum, which may or may not be Nicorette, throughout the day:

Obama, who smoked for over 30 years, supposedly quit a couple of years ago. Does he still need Nicorette almost two years later?

This interpretation of events is not definitive either. The Daily Mail's three lip readers said it was way too hard to tell what was said, and Boehner's spokesperson told The Hill"That [explanation] is not true." But then again, Boehner himself said that he had "no clue" why eyes rolled on Monday. This may have to remain a legend for inauguration historians to ponder forever.

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