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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer isn't "missing," exactly, but she did leave her state three days ago and no one seems to know where she is. Secretary of State Ken Bennett was notified on Sunday that he would be the acting governor for one week, because Brewer would be away on an official work trip. However, her office didn't tell Bennett or anyone else where that would be or what the trip was for. On Monday, she was spotted at Walter Reed Medical Center outside Washington, visiting with a wounded solider from Arizona, and hasn't been seen since. If her official spokesperson, both of Arizona's senators, any state officer, or anyone in Arizona's media corps has figured it out, they're not saying

An excused absence is perfectly legitimate, we suppose, but naturally everyone's thoughts are turning to the last time a sitting governor blew town without telling people where he was going—and then later told a rather large fib about it. In 2009, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford disappeared for six days without notice. He told his staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but it turned out that he was actually in Argentina. Visiting his girlfriend. (His wife did know that either.)

The only thing Brewer has missed so far is the final certification of the November 6 election results, which is really Bennett's job anyway, even if Arizona didn't count its votes very well.

UPDATE: Bloomberg reports that Brewer is visiting troops in Afghanistan. That explains the secrecy, although the mysterious behavior of Brewer and her staff has actually drawn more attention to the trip than it otherwise would have, negating the whole purpose for keeping it a secret.

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