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The final numbers from the massively successful one-day gun buyback in Los Angeles have arrived: 2,037 firearms, including 75 assault weapons and two anti-tank rocket launchers were traded in for supermarket gift cards — no questions asked. But ... but ... we have so many questions. The first being, who in Los Angeles had military-grade rocket launchers in their house(s)? Initial reports (like the one from The Los Angeles Times) only reported one anti-tank rocket launcher, but LA Weekly has word from an LAPD official that there were two picked up during yesterday's gun drive (and they have proof, pictured above at right). CBS Los Angeles reported that the city offered Ralph's gift cards up to $100 in exchange for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and gift cards up to $200 for California classified assault weapons, so we're guessing whoever turned in the rocket launcher got the full $200. 

Update: A few e-mails and comments have pointed out that these rocket launchers are most likely collectibles—which is the most common way people get their hands on rocket launchers. As LA Weekly's Dennis Romero wrote

He says that police believe the "shoulder-fired" weapons are antiquated, decades-old, launchers from wars past often picked up by collectors or passed down to family members by veterans.


They propel rocket grenades, but the official called them "non-working" because they did not have the "projectiles" with them. 

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