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In an extended Facebook note posted overnight — her longest since the election — Sarah Palin weighed in on the Newtown shootings with an emotional but loaded plea to stop listening to pundits not that unlike herself. In searching for answers, Palin writes, things may seem to be "spinning fast and furious and out of control," but "TV's talking heads really have nothing meaningful to offer."

There are two versions of the wall post — one with a Christmas tree, the other with a Cee-Lo video — both of which are ostensibly suggesting that her fans look to faith in what has become a bloody holiday season. But the ubiquitous Fox News contributor continues on her tangent, Palin declaring that "all truly is hopeless if your faith and hope are put in any politician or media elite" because "the average person is more truthful and responsible than the average politician or media elite."

It's not an entirely new position for Palin, who goes on to her usual refrains: "Don't put your hope in Hollywood or Washington," she writes. But the pundit-on-pundit response has some crying foul:

As a prolific, if internally controversial, presence on Fox and a former politician, Palin is constantly straddling a sort of dual career she pioneered and continues to define. But she could still use a copy editor. From the Facebook posts:

So the world spins furiously, but there is a reason its literal and figurative centrifugal force tightly holds us here together for such a time as this.

She's confusing centrifugal force with centripetal force — and it's unclear what "figurative centrifugal force" means, exactly. That didn't stop her legion of Facebook followers from offering Palin their support:

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