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Mitt Romney lost women voters by 12 percentage points, but he lost women donors by way more. Just 28 percent of the donors to Romney's campaign were female, according to new data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Women gave less money than men during the election, so women weren't a majority of donations for either candidate. But President Obama still did better among female donors, who accounted for 44 percent of his donations. (However, the true numbers could be slightly different, as Politico notes that these figures don't include donors who gave less than $200, whose names and occupations the campaigns don't have to report.) 

It's yet another bit of data showing the gender gap between Republicans and Democrats, and it helps explain why potential 2016 candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is writing woman-friendly op-eds calling for birth control to be sold over the counter. Here's a chart from CRP breaking down the differences. Women are pink, men are blue:


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