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We interrupt a relatively sleepy Sunday to tell you that President Obama and John Boehner missed the excellent come-from-behind, near tragic Redskins victory to discuss how they should fix the fiscal cliff. 

Yes, the two lone negotiators worked on the weekend, instead of for it. Obama and Boehner met at the White House Sunday for an undisclosed amount of time and discussed an undisclosed amount of solutions. But, considering how many people are hyping their meeting, we'll assume some progress was made. Maybe? Like, why would aides for both side say the exact same thing if there wasn't progress. That's how these things work, right? 

The biggest thing the spokesmen for Obama and Boehner said today was that, "the lines of communication remain open." So the negotiations haven't fallen apart to the point that they've stopped talking to each other. That's our positive benchmark right now. Awesome. 

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