Mean Girls of Capitol Hill: Behind the Tumblr

The new site is fetch like totally a regulation hottie and soon to be Spring Fling Queen in the tumblr world. And we, like, talked to the girl that invented it, you know what we mean?

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The Mean Girls of Capitol Hill tumblr is fetch like totally a regulation hottie and soon to be Spring Fling Queen in the tumblr world. And we, like, talked to the girl that invented it, you know what we mean? The tumblr is blowing up in the Twitterverse and was forwarded to us by several friends today — one more piece of evidence that politics and Hollywood are too often separated by little more than a coherent Lindsay Lohan and a Tina Fey screenplay. (Remember when the Obama campaign celebrated Mean Girls Day?)

The MGCH tumblr takes a burn book approach to one of the most divisive moments in a divisive year in Washington, with choice lines from the 2004 movie juxtapo — you know what? Just scroll:


Of course, if is not making sense to you, you are obviously not a cool mom and not as awesome as Ben Smith.

The mind behind this tumblr is one Ellie Hall, a desk assistant at NBC News and soon-to-be Buzzfeeder. We just passed notes with this homeschooled jungle freak, that's a less hot version of me tumblr creator over email...

Who are you? Okay, that sounds curt, but you mentioned you're working at NBC and are moving to Buzzfeed… anything else? A Paul Ryan fan? Political wonk?  

I've been a Desk Assistant at NBC News for the past 15 months -- my last day at the network is tomorrow. I will be moving to New York City to join BuzzFeed's news team in January. I studied Film, Television and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 2011, which is, incidentally, the graduating year of the class with the worst football record of any four years in the history of the school. I'm the child of a judge and an assistant commonwealth's attorney and have a younger brother who's in his third year at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I hail from Norfolk, VA. That's the practical stuff.

I am a huge Joss Whedon fan (see my nerdier blog for proof of this) and got a grant from Notre Dame to go to ComicCon 2010 for Joss Whedon-related thesis research. I love social/new media, which is probably obvious. The "Mean Girls" blog is my third foray into political pop-culture mashup blogs. My first blog, "Arrested Decision 2012" went very viral a month or so ago.

Who is the Regina George of Capitol Hill? Does he/she live in Georgetown? 

Betsy Rothstein.

Is there a Glen Coco of Washington?

John Sununu.

Gretchen Wieners — Mitt Romney or John Kerry? 

John Kerry.

Have any people on the Hill contacted you? Any prominent lawmakers tweet your tumblr? 

No and I'm honestly not sure. The blog's pretty new -- I just thought of it over the weekend. I haven't been able to look online or at Google Analytics for the past few hours.

Are you picking the picture or the quote first?

It depends, but probably I pick the pictures first. When I see an interesting or amusing picture of a politician online, I save it to my Imgur account until I have an idea about how I want to use it. I have a bit of an eidetic memory, which really helps. Most of my ideas for blog posts just spring from a random corner of my mind. This whole thing started when I was training on the overnight desk at NBC and had nothing to do for 6 hours of my 8 hour shift. My brain got a little wacky and sleep-deprived and various blogs ensued.

How do you get any work done? 

Work comes first. Always. But especially when you're working on certain shifts, you have a lot of time where you're untasked. Desk Assistants are expected to work on personal projects during their down time. Most Desk Assistants produce web pieces or work on their reel. I search Google to find two pictures of John Boehner from the same briefing so he won't be wearing two different ties in a post.

And, will you be keeping this up when you get to BuzzFeed? 

I'll be keeping the blog up as long as I keep having ideas! Ben Smith is incredibly cool and he seems to find my work amusing.

In the coming weeks, we'll be interested to see if Boehner, Obama, and everyone that's in on the fiscal cliff boondoggle give Hall more material to work with. Check that, we're hoping they do. And for the sake for Hall's tumblr (and just for that) we hope the political world never finds peace... at least until she starts at Buzzfeed.

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