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Let's face it: No matter how exciting the White House may try to make them sound, Twitter town halls with the President are just like Reddit AMAs — the White House hand-picks the questions so he can get across his message, his way. Seriously, Monday afternoon's question-and-answer session was just as measured as any speech or campaign stop, controversial hashtag and all. The only genuine part of the whole thing, then, comes from the reactions by Twitter users when Obama responds to them (somewhat) personally.   

Here's one from Mandi "OMGZ!" @dontbeaprat:

B...bu...but what about the student loans Mandi was asking about? Ah, heck, who cares right? Here's a set of reactions from self-described high schooler Hunter Tredway. Hunter, we can totally see the brag and the about-face to the White House: 

If you were wondering, Hunter was asking a very non-highschooler question about taking away deductions vs. upping the tax rate on the 2 percent. Hmm, that's weird, right? Your blogger was not a fiscally responsible teen. There's also this, un-humble brag from one David Osteen: 

Duh, David, we all saw that. But seriously, if you want the full exchange and answers head on over to the White House's official Storify of the event or any stump speech about the fiscal cliff that the president has given over the past few days.

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