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Everyone wants to know what Hillary Clinton's plan is. Like, literally everyone on earth. Newborn babies are asking, "what's Hillary doing in 2016?" before they can say "mom," or "dad." But the biggest clue as to whether she will make another White House run will be... if she does nothing. 

At least, that's the takeaway from The New York Times' Jodi Kantor's latest on the soon-to-be unemployed Secretary of State. She probably won't do nothing, but if she does something it won't require a long term commitment. The last we checked Hillary was on record saying she plans to take some time off, exercise, and watch good TV for at least a year before she decides anything. But that 2016 question is so important it influences everything else you do, even watching HGTV: 

“If you’re thinking about running for president, does that affect everything else?” asked former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo of New York, who once agonized over the same choice and whose son Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo may find his own prospects shaped by what Mrs. Clinton decides. “Yes. Once you make your decision, everything clears up.”

According to Kantor's report, which has contributed reporting from other Times heavyweights Michael Barbaro and Amy Chozik, Clinton could write another book, do speaking engagement solo or with her husband, or take a consulting job at a law firm. Or basically anything else, because everyone wants to have Hillary on their payroll. But we should not expect her to take a long term position if she hopes to run in 2016. If she's going to make a run for the Presidency, she can't make a commitment to another job. 

One thing is abundantly clear from the speculation and the speculation of the speculation: Hillary Clinton may not even know if Hillary Clinton is running in 2016. But are we going to keep reading between the lines for clues? You bet. 

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