Here's Your First Look at Barack Obama Using Twitter and How He Uses the Web

Let's evaluate the new evidence from a White House video for the president's keyboard prowess... with GIFs!

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The White House has released a not-quite-thrilling "behind the scenes" video of the president tweeting during his Twitter town hall this week to push his #My2K hashtag and, with it, his fiscal cliff priorities. In theory, there's a youth somewhere out there that is interested in the fiscal cliff but not interested enough to check anything but Obama's tweets about it. But this new video (which you can watch below) is more interesting in what it reveals about Obama's ability to use the Internet. Forget the part where he needs to ask a White House social-media advisor how to send a new tweet. Because while his predecessor once asked who Britney Spears was, Obama seems somewhat engaged with culture. Obama knows who Kanye is. Obama has also admitted to reading blogs. Could he make the great leap to writing blogs? Let's evaluate our new evidence for the president's keyboard prowess, with GIFs.

Typing. Obama is not a hunt-and-peck typer, which is a good start. We can't quite tell from these clips whether he's a touch typer, but if he is, he's a slower one.

Publication semi-satisfaction. Obama celebrates his tweet getting tweeted, saying, "There we go." He's not 100 percent into it.

Internet malaise. While going through tweets, Obama smirks a little bit. We recognize this look as the recognition that Twitter is full of sociopaths and exacerbates the sociopathic tendencies of model citizens.

But Obama is sending mixed signals. There are plenty signs he will never blog, like that he's tweeting with a glass of water instead of a cup of coffee. He shows moments of confusion, and must be told how to check for new tweets. If Obama one day blogs, it will be far in the future. For now, at least we know what's happening when we get the "-bo" sign-off on Twitter.

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