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One of the topics Fox News loves to cover is the White House's response on the Benghazi attacks, even if a majority of Americans do not believe there was any cover up whatsoever. And Tom Ricks has nothing on this: Ed Henry, Fox News's Chief White House Correspondent, tells the AP today that a few of the network's shows have been harping on the topic more than has been necessary. "We've had the proper emphasis ... But I would not be so deluded to say that some of our shows, some of our commentators, have covered it more than it needed to be covered," Henry says in the AP interview. (C'mon Ed, name names!) That's the key takeaway of a profile on Fox's top White House reporter. And amid all the Fox noise, Henry's voice matters — he's their White House guy, and the question of Fox's conservative influence on its coverage and Washington power has been back in the news all week. Henry had some very careful words when the AP's David Bauder asked him about the network's Benghazi barrage:

Benghazi has proven an interesting case study. Henry rejects the notion that he works off Fox marching orders in discussing the issue, but said, "I wouldn't lie to you. I see that we're covering Benghazi a lot, and I think that should be something that we're asking about."

Now obviously Henry is talking about his employer, which means he has to be measured in his words—no one in their right mind would going to trash their boss or, you know, their own job in a national interviewBut reading between the lines it may be fair to say that, as far as Ed Henry is concerned, Fox's marching orders go something like this: Fair? Sure. Balanced? Not when it comes to Benghazi. 

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