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Stephen Colbert's Super PAC is giving back: to Sandy relief, wounded soldiers, and maybe the greatest of good causes when it comes to campaign finance — the Super-PAC watchdogs. Americans for a Better Tomorrow could have legally held on to the $773,704.83 left after Colbert's year-long effort to raise awareness for the post-Citizens United landscape as well as raise actual money. But on his show Thursday night, Colbert announced that he would hand over all the money to multiple groups, and here's how it breaks down, according to today's official release:

Sandy Relief Efforts: $375,000

Hurricane Sandy was much like Ham Rove: Cold, cruel, salty, and the cause of untold devastation. In his honor, Donors Choose, Team Rubicon, and Habitat For Humanity will each receive $125,000 to assist with their Sandy relief efforts. 

Yellow Ribbon Rund: $125,000

We'll also be donating $125,000 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which serves wounded soldiers and their families. My attempts to get a matching donation to the Blue Ribbon Fund, which serves me frosty cans of PBR, were not successful.

Two Super PAC Watchdogs: $273,704.83 — $136,852.41 each

As per his wishes, the Center for Responsive Politics has officially renamed their meeting space "The Colbert Super Pac Memorial Conference Room." And the Campaign Legal Center will, from here on out, be home to "The Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room."

As Colbert pointed out, he easily could have filled out some forms and given himself all the money — anyone with a Super PAC can. The Hill's Megan Wilson has the full recap of just how legal all of this has become under Citizen United, and Dick Morris just showed us how easily one can use Super PAC money to fund your own ventures. Stephen Colbert, of course, is no Dick Morris. 

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