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This fiscal cliff is making people do crazy things. Case in point, 81-year-old Representative Bill Young (R-Fla.) coming very close to caning a protester who wanted "a commitment from him [Young] to extend the middle class tax cuts." Let's face it: these Fiscal Cliff negotiations are boring (there, we said it). But on a human level, they are inciting elected octogenarians to fight with men much younger than them. As it turns out, the Florida Consumer Action Network has been targeting Young over his position on taxes — Young, unlike President Obama, wants to protect the top two percent of earners in America — and had organized a protest for Monday night at Young's office in Seminole, Florida. According to Michael Newberger over at Creative Loafing:

One particularly persistent activist loudly asked Young about his stances, getting into close proximity of the 81-year-old congressman. It did not end well. Young grabbed the activist by the arm and raised his cane, largely looking like he was attempting to strike the protester until both were separated by the police officers present.

So yes, a caning in Florida ... over the fiscal cliff. Young, according to the SaintPetersBlog, is now considering legal action.

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