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Because Twitter town halls and cool hashtags aren't enough, apparently, President Obama renewed Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's position via social network Monday afternoon. Seriously, this is the tweet from Barack Obama, and you know it's from him because of the "-bo" signoff at the very end:

Wasserman Schultz said yes:

And that's sort of cool. It confirmed rumors that had been surfacing all day, and it bypasses the whole kerfuffle of official releases and White House press conferences and all that formal stuff. Like imagine how cool it would be if Obama named his cabinet via Twitter? Of course there's still the official part: "The Democratic Party will meet in January, after Obama's inauguration, to formally elect Wasserman Schultz to a second term as the party's leader," reports USA Today's Catalina Camia, which means that obviously, there are still things you can't do over Twitter. 

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