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Despite being an uncharismatic Republican ex-presidential candidate in his 60s, Mitt Romney is the perfect TMZ fodder: rich, out of work, and a little sad. Immediately after the election, the celebrity gossip site began posting photos of Romney in the genre it usually reserves for troubled starlets, whose banal errands are made poignant by the sense that they've fallen so far so fast. There was Romney going to the gym, Romney going to see Twilight, Romney shopping at Costco. On Friday, the TMZ-ificiation approached completion, when his name got pulled into a petty crime. A man wearing a Romney mask robbed a bank in Sterling, Virginia, Point Break-style. It is not Romney's fault, but he must still bear the humiliating burden of all the jokes.

NBC Washington reports the man robbed all five bank tellers at the local Wells Fargo, the same bank that was robbed by someone wearing a Hillary Clinton mask in 2010. Here's the rather dramatic retelling of the crime from the local news station:

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