A Newly Preposterous Low for McConnell (and the Filibuster)


My admiration for the Senate's minority leader, the Hon. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is limited. But his latest move took even me by surprise.

In a tactic he thought would put the Obama Administration in an uncomfortable position, yesterday McConnell proposed a measure that would give the president, rather than the Congress, the responsibility for raising the federal debt ceiling.

Then, when Democrats surprised him by being willing to bring it up for a vote, McConnell reacted in the way that comes most naturally to him: by threatening a filibuster. Attentive readers will recall that over the past six years, McConnell has been responsible for most of the filibusters in America's 225-year Constitutional history. The novelty this time is that he was filibustering his own proposal. Read the details here in the Washington Post.*

People of Kentucky: I really like your state, and I am a several-times-over Kentucky Colonel. But ... c'mon.
* WaPo: Please, please, please! Is there no one on the politics-editing desk to point out what is wrong with the last part of this sentence from the story?

McConnell countered the measure should require a 60-vote majority, as most votes do in the Senate.