Who Says We're a Divided Nation?

From a friend, this flyer left on doorknobs in Connecticut this weekend:

Talking Points Memo

More here and here. This does help you pencil in how all sides think the seven electoral votes in the Nutmeg State are going to go.

Policy announcement: In the same "let's break down normal barriers!" spirit as that inspiring flyer, here is a plan for activity in this space over the next 24 hours, which will be different from any of the other 24-hour stretches dating back to the dim recesses of TheAtlantic.com's past. I am planning to put up a ton of material, something every hour or two (rather than once every day or two), because so much has poured in that is interesting / relevant before the election.

I'll start with the next installment of "Ask Dr. Popkin," which will address why the winner in this race won. Stay tuned.