Toronto Mayor Fired Over Football Fund, Is Still Ridiculous

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Citing a charitable sports donation gone bad, Ontario's Superior Court Judge vacated Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's seat on Monday, possibly leaving Canada's largest city mayorless — which is totally fine, if you ask Canadians. "The judge suspended Mr. Ford’s removal from office for 14 days because the decision will 'necessitate administrative changes'" reports The Globe and Mail's Kelly Grant. The decision, as Grant explains, stems from Ford writing off a $3,150 donation to his football charity, which the court saw as a conflict of interest. You'd think $3,000 would be easy for a mayor to pay... but whatever. It helps to know that no one really liked Ford that much. There are YouTube videos of him being drunk (which we're supposed to laugh at, we guess), and Ford is most famous for not having a sense of humor (language NSFW)...

...despite being unintentionally hilarious: 

And if the first few Twitter reactions to his firing are any indication, people seem to think Toronto is in a better shape being in no one's hands than Rob Ford's:

For those of you who enjoy the idea of Rob Ford or actually, genuinely like Rob Ford (he did win an election after all), he is promising to fight the decision. 

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