The Election-Night Thoughts of the 'Atlas Shrugged' Guy

It's too late at night for me to plug in the links to the preceding items about the "Atlas Shrugged Guy," who has promised to close down his business and its $500,000 annual payroll if the election went the wrong way. (Actually, here some previous links: one,  two, three.)

Without comment, here were the items in my inbox from him through the evening.



This stream is unedited, in that the messages came in as shown without intervening responses by me (I was away from internet-land). I've photoshopped them in one way only, which is removing all of his real name except the first letter.

When I get up tomorrow, I'll quote some of the incoming material about his outlook.

For now, congrats to the victors and sympathies to the losers on Election Day 2012.