Syrian Rebel Leader Is Pulling for Romney

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Although they don't get a vote, there have been a lot of questions about who the rest of the world would like like to see leading the United States for the next four years, and now least one faction of the Syria civil war has made their opinion known. According to The Guardian in the UK, Ahmed Nima, a general on the rebel's main military council, believes that Mitt Romney is the candidates most likely to do something to intervene in their conflict.

I hope Romney wins. He said during his campaign that he would try to do something for Syria. We want him to help us get weapons and impose a no-fly zone in some parts of Syria to put an end to the bombardment by Assad's planes. 

Romney hasn't actually promised those things (and he has also ruled out military intervention), but it's also true that President Obama has done very little to actively support the rebellion. Comments like these are partly a reflection of the frustration that rebels are feeling with the United States and other Western nations that have mostly left them to fight their own battles, in a war that looks bleaker every day.

Members of the Syrian National Council have been meeting this week in Qatar to rally international support for their cause, but are actually getting more pressure to change their own leadership and possibly even accept a power sharing arrangement with Bashar al-Assad. The SNC has been accused not representing the best interest of all Syrians and also accepting backing from questionable sources.

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In other Syrian news, the brother of the speaker of Syria's Parliament was assassinated by gunmen while driving to work on Tuesday. The attack on Mohammed Osama Laham in Damascus is the latest sign that rebels appears to be targeting not just military and political leaders, but prominent Syria citizens who have shown support for the government. Rebels accused him of being an informant, but the regime claims the murder is part of a wider effort to eliminate people with valuable skills. In addition, more than 50 state soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb on Monday, among the more than 200 deaths across the county yesterday.

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