Supposedly Fun Things Romney Will Never Do to Win

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With Sandy having arrived on our shores and the polls are not really telling us how the election is going to turn out the campaign is ending on a serious note. But has it ever been fun for Romney? Over the course of the campaign we've learned that Romney has taken to turning down many lighthearted staples of the trail. Let's take a look at all the fun things that Romney will never do.

Us Weekly
Today Us Weekly released online a tease for their issue on newsstands Friday: "Exclusive: President Barack Obama: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me." Okay, so, as Daily Intel's Dan Amira tweetd, we already know most of these things. (He was bear-hugged by a pizza shop owner! He like Homeland!). But we wondered if Romney had anything to say about himself. No luck. Us reports: "Us offered the same opportunity to Obama's opponent, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney; Romney declined." To be fair to Romney though, per Mike Allen's Playbook, he did participate in a People feature. So he went for what is arguably the classier tabloid, and revealed that his comfort food is “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots.” Carrots? 

President Obama took heat from conservatives for giving an interview to Glamour, but Glamour explains that Romney declined requests over a six-month period for a sit-down, despite the fact that "the Republican and Democratic candidates for president in 2004 and 2008 all participated in Glamour’s election coverage." So, instead of having Romney tell his side, Glamour explained they turned to women voting for Romney to explain their support. Seems a little passive aggressive to us.

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Kids Pick the President
Romney lost the Linda Ellerbee vote when he turned down the chance to appear on Nickelodeon's special wherein presidential candidates answer questions from youngsters. Ultimately Obama won Nick's online vote. Where was Romney's sense of 90s nostalgia?

Also in an indication that Mitt lacks cultural nostalgia, he doesn't want his MTV. While Obama did a sit down in what an obvious move for young people who can actually vote, Romney hasn't. Per TVNewser, MTV said in a statement: "MTV has invited Governor Romney to participate in a live, 30 minute special as well, and hopes to also conduct a sit down interview with him in advance of Election Day." That window is quickly closing.


The View
Romney was scheduled to appear on The View, but cancelled. That said, we understand an appearance on The View, especially after Romney himself admitted it was a "high-risk" idea, might not have qualified as necessarily fun for the candidate. While he and Ann did take on the  less-threatening queries of Kelly and Michael, he left his wife to face the sassy hosts by herself:

Both Obamas paid Babs and the bunch a visit:

The Late Show with David Letterman
Also arguably not so fun, since Letterman has given Romney hell in the joke department, but the host has made it clear that he really really would like to have the Republican candidate on. He has talked to Obama:

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