Holiday Gift Guide: Romney/Ryan 2012 Campaign Edition

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Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign is history. Done. Paul Ryan's vice presidential bid? That's done too. But the campaign memorabilia is still around. As CNN's Political team noticed a gift shop at the Reagan National Airport, the Republican ticket's merchandise can now be bought cheap. 

Less than 48 hours after Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, a shop at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. has already knocked down the price of its Romney merchandise–by 60 percent.

Being souvenir junkies and fans of "official merchandise" we were curious to see if Mitt Romney's official campaign store reflected the mood of that Reagan airport shop where they couldn't get rid of Romney fast enough. They were not, and everything is still at full price. But not for long (if CNN's report is any indication). So we decided to give you our picks of what to get when and if these prices fall : 

The Most Expensive Thing in the Store: The Stand With Mitt Pack


Any savvy shopper will tell you, the most expensive things in the store often get the biggest markdowns.  And this "Stand With Mitt Pack" seems like the most bang for your buck. 

The Other Most Expensive Thing in the Store: The Romney Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

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Winter is coming. A Republican presidency is not. 

The Ironic Buy: The "Vintage" Tee

Vintage? Mitt Romney is now vintage? Get it? Okay fine, it wouldn't surprise us if these showed up in Williamsburg or Portland anytime soon. 

The Other Ironic Buy: The "Comeback" Tee

Too soon? Never. 

The "Dorm Room" Staple or A Gag-Gift for the 7.9 Percenter You Know and Love

Go ahead, embarrass or shame your unemployed child (but don't do it at full price).

The Timeless Purchase: Velephante! 

No one in 2016 will know you got this in 2012.

We also looked at the Obama store too and well, there's not much left.  Unlike the Romney/Ryan store, stuff is actually on sale.

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