People Celebrating Obama's Re-Election Through Tattoos

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Supporters of President Obama celebrated his reelection in a variety of ways, like getting tipsy, or partying in front of the White House. But that wasn't serious enough for some Obama fans. Instead, they etched his name or face permanently onto their bodies. Here are the first Obama reelection tattoos popping up on Twitter and Instagram.

"This girl at my school got tatted so they know it's real hahaha! God stop all those tricks they tried." (Instagrammed November 8.)

"Our first #ObamaTattoo done by #TrinityCurt. Now that's dedication!" (Instagrammed November 8.)

"Obama angel" (Instagrammed November 6, so it might not be officially reelection related.)

"Got my Obama tattoo, I said I was going to get if he got re-elected." (Tweeted November 7.)

A planned tattoo: "my tattoo artist @kevo2021"Creative Skills" #Obama  #Forward #MyPresidentIsBlack." (Tweeted November 8.)

"First #obama tattoo #tattoolif @applebeemcswagg @ Electric Lady Tattoo Lounge." (Tweeted November 6.)

For those in the market for an Obama tattoo, the tumblr Ink It Up posted this possibility on October 15:

There are those who will have to live with a permanent reminder that Mitt Romney fell short. BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski notes wrestler Eric Hartsburg who put the Romney R on his face for $15,000:

While Stephen Johnsen of Coral Springs, Florida will be able to hide his tattoo under a T-shirt.

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