Obama, Romney to Meet Thursday at the White House

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will have a private lunch with President Obama at the White House on Thursday, Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Wednesday.

"ŽObama had previously said he wanted to meet with his former opponent, saying Romney could offer ideas to boost the economy.

"There are a lot of ideas that I don't think are partisan ideas but are just smart ideas about how can we make the federal government more customer-friendly," Obama said of Romney at an earlier press conference.

The meeting will take place at the Private Dining Room in the White House.

While in town, Romney also plans to meet with his running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, an aide from Ryan's office confirmed. Ryan returned to Washington the week after the election to resume his role as chairman of the House Budget Committee, a position he will keep in the next Congress after receiving a waiver that exempted him from the term-limits on committee chairmanships.

Rebecca Kaplan contributed. contributed to this article