Luke Russert's Lesson of the Day: Do Not Call Nancy Pelosi Old

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Update 11:23 a.m. :  So obviously the big news of the day is that Pelosi is staying on as House Minority Leader—a question that was being thrown by political pundits since the election. But there's something funny that happened at the press conference Pelosi had announcing her decision to stay on. In the first few seconds (video below) you can hear Luke Russert's disembodied voice ask if Pelosi's decision to stay is blocking a younger generation of Democratic leadership from taking over. This was swiftly met by boos and a big old "NEXT!" from Pelosi herself: 

And, yes, about 54 seconds in, there it is (no not the McConnell thing): a Pelosi Zinger—the kind of zinger designed to make you feel small. "Let's honor that as a legitimate question, though it's quite offensive," says Pelosi. Ouch.

But did Russert have a point while offending Pelosi?  Because this is a press conference and whatnot, Russert didn't get to give the reasoning behind his questioning ... which is why he's taking it to Twitter and explaining himself more eloquently:

And he thinks that  Democrats should be looking at grooming stars like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan. Well not literally Cantor or Ryan, but you get the picture: 

Original: After three days of exclusive meetings with top House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi will announce today that she'll keep her position as House Minority Leader, ABC News and CNN are reporting.

CNN's political team is affirming that report. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, had called this earlier, telling MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday:

I think that’s probably the hottest question in the capitol right now...But personally, if you ask me, I would be shocked if she left. It would really surprise me if she stepped aside.

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