MSNBC Has Officially Exhausted the World of Susan Rice Puns

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If you found yourself watching MSNBC this week and then found yourself hungrier than when you sat down, there's an explanation. Their coverage of this ongoing Susan Rice saga is trying to make you hungry — with bad puns. 

This was the on-screen graphic on a Hardball with Chris Matthews Susan Rice segment from Wednesday evening:

And this is from Tuesday's show: 

On top of that, Chris Matthews described the controversy as, "that frying of Rice," before today's segment. Ugh. 

That little box is called a "chryon," by people who care about cable news, and today's STICKY RICE spawned a fit of creativity on Twitter today. Everyone tried to make their own MSNBC Susan Rice chryon, to varying results: 

And then Gawker's Max Read got a little carried away... 

(Though we'll totally cop to laughing at RICE AGE 4, but we have our own reasons for that.) 

Thinking up stupid cable news headlines was a fun thing to do on a slow news afternoon. Who doesn't love a bad pun? Communists, that's who. That said, everyone here (and ourselves included) is a long way away from getting a job with the New York Post. That's for sure. 

Just don't be late to the party next time, okay? 

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