Mitt Romney's Not Finished Making Memes: #ObamaGifts

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Even though it's been a week since the election: Mitt Romney's gaffes are still being used as Internet fodder. This time, Maeve Reston of the Los Angeles Times reported, Romney told donors on a call that Obama won the election because of the "gifts" he gave during his first term to blacks, Hispanics, and young voters. Gifts like, according to Romney, college loan forgiveness and the ability to go on parents' health insurance plans. Gifts like "amnesty" for children of illegal immigrants and health care coverage “in perpetuity.”

Of course, the Internet had to weigh in, and the hashtag #ObamaGifts, initially started by New York's Stefan Becket, gained steam on Twitter. What are some of Obama's other gifts? Well, there was an obvious "Obama Phone" joke to be made. 

Others range from the literal to the jokey: 

For all the amusement people on Twitter are getting out of Romney's statement, this actually is a bit of a trend in the Republican ticket's post-election statements. Paul Ryan blamed cities for the Republican defeat in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, saying "the president should get credit for achieving record-breaking turnout numbers from urban areas for the most part, and that did win the election for him." He also got flack for similar comments on  WISC-TV, Michael D. Shear at the New York Times reported. Shear explained that liberals pointed out that his comments appear to insinuate that minorities are to blame for his ticket's loss, and that he ignored the fact that Obama also won New Hampshire and Iowa, primarily rural states without many minorities. 

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