Jon Stewart Takes a Look at Swing State Hell

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Things are improving in New York, and all things said, conditions could be worse, Jon Stewart mused last on The Daily Show. Just look at what life is like in the Swing State Hell that is Ohio.

Residents of Ohio have been getting so many TV ads, robocalls, news stories, and mailers about the presidential campaign that CNN was calling it a "hellish, post-apocalyptic reality where all you see are political ads." "While the rest of us are free to pursue work, family, recreational interests, Ohioans must reconcile their role as this year's the precious," Stewart explained. In fact, apparently people living in Columbus, OH get some 333 ads per day. 

"You might say, well hey, why don't they just turn off the TV and leave the house and live their life?" Stewart said. His voice lowered. "Because it doesn't matter, because you can't hide, because the candidates are f**king everywhere." 


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