Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Missing (Again)

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At the moment, no one knows where Jesse Jackson Jr. is. Well, some people do (we think) but they're just not talking. And the people who are talking only know one thing: he isn't at The Mayo Clinic where he was receiving treatment. "He is no longer a patient here ... I don’t know where he is," said Mayo Clinic spokesman Nick Hanson in a report by The Chicago Tribune's Katherine Skiba. When we last checked in with Jackson Jr. he was reportedly in the middle of negotiating a plea deal with the feds for misusing campaign funds while also receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. Yes, you read right, plea deal and bipolar disorder are in that sentence. Skiba does say that members at the House of Representatives are scheduled to convene in Washington for votes at around 6:30 p.m. EDT—so in a few hours we'll see if he turns up there. This isn't the first time Jackson left us guessing of where he is. He went missing for a month this summer, and eventually turned up July 11 at a rehab clinic in Arizona. We're not sure if this "missing" episode is the same as the one over summer. And it certainly doesn't help that the people who may know his whereabouts aren't talking. "Neither Jackson's congressional spokesman, his publicist nor his father could immediately be reached for comment," reports the AP.

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