The Jeb Bush 2016 Hyperbole Begins

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Ex-Florida Governor Jeb Bush met with "former staffers" in a hotel conference room on Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday, reports The New Republic. You know what else is on Pennsylvania Avenue, right? Some might say that Bush was merely preparing for his keynote speech today to the National Summit on Education Reform. (Do you remember that Jeb's father dubbed himself the "Education President"? Did we mention Jeb Bush was related to two presdients?) Or maybe he just legitimately wanted to catch up with old friends during a rare visit to Washington, DC. But do you really rent a conference room and invite a guy who runs a polling company—Mitt Romney's polling company—just to chat about schools? 

Matt Drudge certainly isn't fooled, as his "BUSH III" banner headline makes perfectly clear.

That's Marine One, by the way. You know, the president's helicopter. Enjoy the next for years, everybody!

P.S. Don't forget the veepstakes!

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