Interactive: State High School Graduation Rates by Race, Ethnicity

Earlier this week, the Education Department released data examining four-year high school graduation rates for the 2010-11 school year, a result of efforts by the agency to create common data collection methods for every state.

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Before efforts were made to standardized such data, each state was responsible for its own methods, resulting in numbers that were largely incomparable. The preliminary data presented this week were based on tracking first-time ninth-grade students who graduated with a standard high school diploma within four years.

The information was presented in a single-page PDF. The Next America team used the same data to create an interactive map, available below, to explore the data by racial and ethnic groups.

Click on a state within the map to view the individual graduation rates for each.

Note: Idaho, Kentucky, and Oklahoma requested deadline extensions for their reports and are not included in the list. Because of the incomplete list, the Education Department has not released national averages.