How Not to Be a Communist: A 1955 Guide for Students — VIDEO

In an increasingly socialist world, how are the young people of 1950s America supposed to defend their values? The video below, preserved in the Prelinger Archives, explains how.

"To a substantial degree, in one form or another, socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the Earth," Clifton Ganus, a noted young historian, instructs a class of very bored-looking students. "And the shadow is encroaching on our own liberty."

How will these cancerous ideas come to infect America, you might wonder? To Ganus, it's quite obvious there are enemy seeds already planted.

"Communistic columnists [who all apparently write under the gaze of Stalin, Lenin, and Marx] among us are working for a world dictatorship," he says. "Their strategy is to undermine the confidence in our people and the American system and the principals for which it stands."

But fear not! Ganus arms the students with the 10 responsibilities of American citizenship, which guard against the evil hand of socialism toppling the tower of the American way.

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