Grover Norquist Didn't Actually Call Romney a 'Poopy Head'

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On Twitter this morning, we woke up to the "news" of Grover Norquist using a kindergarten term. But to be clear, the Republican tax puppetmaster was paraphrasing, trying to make a point that immature Democrats were calling his candidate a "poopy head." 

And, this too: 

True, it's sort of awesome to see the words "Grover" and "poopy head" in a sentence, one retweeted around the Internet. Add to that another layer of awesome: This is a guy whose Americans for Tax Reform advocacy group has much sway with Republican lawmakers, and someone who is a major player in this fiscal cliff fiasco—yet he's using words that tiny, angry children use. Oh, and his name is Grover. But as you can see from the entire CBS segment, Norquist wasn't "calling" Romney a poopy head—he was trying say (in that "neener, neener" tone) that Democrats were the immature ones calling Romney a poopy head, that it was successfully stupid, and that people were dumb enough to fall for it: 

Well, he made a point. It's just not the one he wanted to make.

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