Great Moments of Obama Talking on the Phone

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President Obama likes many things: basketball, chili, his dog, and being president among them. He also seems to really, really like talking on the phone.

The latest and greatest moment of Obama's history with the telephone is this AP photo that started making the rounds on Twitter Thursday evening:

It's from a fundraiser in Orlando the President stopped by during a campaigning blitz over the weekend (and ahead of the storm). This is the face the President makes when he dials a wrong number, apparently. ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports the conversation with something like this: 

There's a small treasure trove of "great moments of Obama on the phone" pictures.

This is from 2004, back when he was still an Illinois Senator. He looks so young and innocent here, before Washington got to him. Before it made his hair go grey. Seriously, look at how dark his hair is here. (Not to mention how much more there is.) [via AP]

This is from another campaign fundraiser, and he looks almost identical to how he looks in the new 'wrong number' picture. From what we've seen, it's common for the President to rest his head in his free hand while speaking on the phone. [via AP]

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When he's not using it to explain a point to the person on the other end. The President's hand talking is not limited to speechs and interviews, apparently. He likes to use visual forms of communication while communicating non-visually. [via AP]

Sometimes he uses the phone to talk to other world leaders, like in this picture of his conversation with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. [via Flickr]

We also love how expressive he is while using the phone. In the same vein of his hand talking, Obama doesn't hide his emotions when using the phone. You can tell that he finds the wrong number hilarious, that he's having a stern talk with Netanyahu, and that he's exhausted but still would like your money, please. 

But you can really tell how much Obama likes talking on the phone by the two wooden phones on Air Force One. We can't tell if there's another seat to the President's left, or if he occasionally dual wields the phones in emergency situations. Either way, we know they are super cool looking. Who wouldn't feel like the President dialing out with one of those things?

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