Gallup Gives Romney Just a One Point Lead

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The final Gallup poll released today shows Romney maintaining a one point lead over Obama. The poll, which has shown large Romney leads in recent weeks, became a target for the Obama campaign, but is still being closely followed. The final numbers were first leaked by Gallup's editor-in-chief Frank Newport to Ira Boudway of Blooomberg Businessweek in advance of the usual 1 p.m. release time. The neck-and-neck figure follows a week without the poll in the wake Sandy, and is a major change since the poll's last results, which showed Obama trailing the Republican by five points. Gallup suspended polling because the storm would have limited the organization's ability to get a fully representative sample. 

In this last measure, Gallup, once looked at as an outlier, now shows the race in essentially the same place as the average of other polls. Obama leads by a narrow 0.4 points in the Real Clear Politics average, which doesn't take into account this most recent Gallup poll. 

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