The Daily Show John McCain and Lindsey Graham Don't Want You to See

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For the past few weeks, we've seen Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham fall over one another trying to point out just how wrong Susan Rice sounded in the days after the Benghazi attack. Don't think Jon Stewart and his team haven't been eagerly watching, too. Of late, John McCain in particular hasn't been shy in pointing out that his railing against Rice for running with bad information is a completely different type of situation from what he did when he urged us to invade Iraq, assuring us that there were WMDs being hoarded over there (that didn't exist). But that's different than going back and actually watching the falsities that the McCain and Graham of 2002 actually told us — and watching them rail on that other Rice while they were at. So here's Jon Stewart giving you all of that and spearing McCain's latest crusade (all without even mentioning the words Sarah and Palin):


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