Of Course Conservatives Don't Like Jay Z Stumping for Obama

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In one of his last campaign pushes before the election, President Obama got a rousing introduction from Jay Z at a rally in Columbus Ohio Monday, which seems to have upset white conservative men who are feigning being offended at Jay Z's misogynistic and racist lyrics. Here's a tweet from the Romney campaign's Ted Newton: 

Guys, Newton is really concerned about women's rights (nevermind about the GOP's problem with rape, and a women's right to choose). And that's sorta weird, because Romney's team are the same people who were really proud of their women's right advocate Kid Rock endorsement. The same Kid Rock who has lyrics like this: "I'll f**k u blind bitch till you can't see no more" (there is much, much more swearing in the rest of the song). So, right, pop stars often use filthy language. And as Dave Weigel reports, Sean Hannity had this sardonic gem, bringing us flashbacks of Fox's offensive "hip-hop barbecue":

All we can think of is sour grapes. That and, well, two words: Creed endorsement.

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