The Best Ways to Watch Election Results If You Don't Have a TV

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If you're young, Internet-savvy, and lacking cable, you might be looking for ways to watch election results online. It's okay, we're here to help you. 

There are plenty of options available, thankfully. We've compiled a handy little guide of which stations have livestreams tonight and why they might appeal to you. 

The Hard News TV Stations with Livestreams

  • NBC News (Live now) - For silver fox hunters 
  • CBS News (Live now) - For the elderly and fans of the Big Bang Theory and Bob Schieffer
  • ABC News (Live now) - For fans of pundits with difficult to spell last names
  • Fox News (Live now) -  For the fair and balanced out there

The Other Livestreams


There is only one election liveblog on the Internet and it is ours. Sorry, everyone else. Have a good night.

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