Battle of the Nate Silver Twitter Memes

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Since Nate Silver was declared one of Tuesday night's winners two competing memes involving the now heroic statistician have popped up on Twitter: Drunk Nate Silver and #NateSilverFacts. Both are often amusing, sometimes hilarious, but since this week has put us in the spirit of competition, we wondered: which one should be the Nate Silver meme MVP? 


Winner: #NateSilverFacts The hashtag brought out the more technical, and hence, the nerdier Nate Silver jokes. Folks who used the hashtag dropped in Alexander Graham Bell references:

And, as is to be expected, statistics and math jokes: 


Winner: Drunk Nate Silver As is to be expected, the Drunk Nate Silver is more of a wild card. With party boy ways, you never know what Drunk Nate Silver might do.  For example: 


Winner: Drunk Nate Silver While #NateSilverFacts mainly serves to extoll Silver (à la Chuck Norris facts), Drunk Nate Silver wins this category with both its relevance and creativity. A common refrain on election night centered was that Nate Silver must be celebrating, and hence he must be getting wasted. This meme takes it all to the next level. Take, for instance, the tweet that began it all: 

Or the tale of Silver at a casino: 

Or the story of his time getting late night munchies: 

Or how he got into a fight with Taylor Swift: 

Most Likely To Be Mistaken For Reality

Winner: #NateSilverFacts Though both memes are outlandish, simply by the way in which they are written #NateSilverFacts can most easily be mistaken for real. We, for instance, are not ruling out the possibility of this one being true.

Most Staying Power

Winner: Drunk Nate Silver Ultimately this coincides with Drunk Nate Silver's win in cleverness. Drunk Nate Silver is about storytelling, which we think will allow it to live on longer than #NateSilverFacts, which grow old once we get over how impressed we are by Silver. Here's a take from The Atlantic Wire's Richard Lawson: 


Winner: Drunk Nate Silver For funniness, silliness, and general relevance, we crown Drunk Nate Silver the ultimate Nate Silver Twitter meme. Or, if we're going to act like Nate Silver about it, let's just look at the statistics. Looking at Twitter's assessment of the "top" Drunk Nate Silver tweets, Dan Levitan's tweet has been retweeted over 2,877 times. Meanwhile John Collinson's has only been retweeted just under 700

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