Allen West Will Not Go Quietly Into that Good Night

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Math says Allen West lost his Florida congressional seat to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. West begs to differ. 

The state released unofficial vote counts on Saturday showing Murphy up by 2,500 votes. The results are made official on November 20. Murphy declared his victory over West in a statement. West, unfortunately, isn't ready to give up the spotlight that congress brings. His campaign manager is raising questions over the votes in St. Lucie county, alleging that some votes were counted twice. They've even gone so far as to ask to review voter sign-in books to make sure the numbers of votes count. 

West is labeled as a "firebrand" Republican because he routinely says crazy things. Remember this is the same guy who thinks there are Communists in Congress and who stopped just short of challenging Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to a fight after she criticized him. 

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