10 Amazing Demographic Percentages of the 2012 Election

71%   Latinos' support of President Obama, according to CNN exit polls.

23%   Latino voters for Mitt Romney, 15 percentage points fewer that what his campaign estimated the GOP candidate would need to win--and significantly less than the 31 percent of the Latino vote won by GOP nominee John McCain in 2008. 

93%   African-American vote for Obama, down 2 percentage points from 2008, although 96 percent of black women supported him. 

73%   Asian-American share for Obama, although in the key states of Nevada and Virginia, Asian-American support was rather evenly split between candidates.

65%   Voters who say that most undocumented immigrants working in the U.S. should get a chance to adjust their immigration status, although 28 percent advocate deportation.

59%   White voters backing Romney. Obama's 39 percent support among white voters was less problematic than the 44-point differential in the Obama-Romney share of the Latino electorate. (Slate calculates that 88 percent of Romney's supporters were white.) 

42%   Obama's support from college-educated whites, down 5 percentage points from 2008. National Journal's Ron Brownstein writes that the Democrats' share of voters in this group had not declined in any election since 1980.

52%   College-educated white women's support of Romney.

36%   Obama's support among working-class whites, which Brownstein called "the poorest performance for any Democratic nominee since Walter Mondale in 1984." 

20%   Record range of any winning candidate to lose the white vote, breaking the previous record of 12 points from 2008, Brownstein reports.