Where Will You Party on Election Night?

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Your best tuxedo or gown is already getting pressed and steamed. The days on your calendar are quietly being crossed off. You're ready to look your best and mingle with the nation's most powerful (or defeated) on election night. The only question is, which party are you attending?

The Obama campaign confirmed to Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet their big election night bash will be held in McCormack Place in Chicago. It will be a much more low-key affair than the rager they threw at Grant Park in '08. The Chicago location makes sense for Obama. He made a name for himself there and his campaign headquarters are located in the city. 

The Romney campaign told NBC News' Garrett Hawkes their party will be at the Boston Convention Centre. On paper this decision aligns with the President's. Romney served four years as Massachusetts Governor. But there's the added caveat that Romney's expected to lose in that state. Like, badly. Popping celebration bottles in a state you got walloped in might be awkward. 

Potential party-hoppers: the commute between the two locations takes 17 hours. If you're looking to get the most free drinks and hors d'oeuvres possible, stick to the legendary election night party scene in Washington. 

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