TV and Twitter Numbers Were Down for Last Night's Rematch

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Apparently not everyone likes a rematch. Numbers are down across the board for last night's debate. We're a little less than three weeks away from the election's end, but everyone is getting jaded. You can't deny it: The truth is in the numbers. 

Only 65.6 million people watched last night's debate, according to the Nielsen numbers. That doesn't include people who streamed the debate, or viewed live GIFs, or watched in bars or at a friend's house. Or even people who watched on C-Span! But it's almost two million fewer folks watching than with the first debate. (The New York Times' Brian Stelter says the "real number" is likely more than 70 million, though there's no way to prove it.)

Twitter saw a dip in activity, too: This debate didn't set any records, barely mustering 7 million tweets, while the first debate generated more than 10 million messages. The "binders" line everyone is talking about wasn't even the most tweeted-about moment of the debate. That honor went to a Romney question about immigration. When memes don't generate the most tweets, do they really meme at all? 

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