Todd Akin Headlines the Daily Show's Congressional Crazy Tour

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The candidates for president and vice president are actually the cream of the crop compared to the awful candidates for House and Senate, as Jon Stewart examines last night on The Daily Show. Todd Akin and his "eighth-grade level grasp of female reproductive system" is just one example.

There's Rep. Joe Walsh, a Republican in Illinois, whose opponent Tammy Duckworth lost both legs in Iraq. Walsh just thinks Duckworth is talking too much about her service to the country. "Never take a cheap petty shot at someone's military service," Stewart advised. "Not when there are so many other cheap petty shots you can take." Like, for example, Walsh's critique of Duckworth's Democratic National Convention presence. Apparently while Walsh was marching in a parade, Duckworth had the audacity to be picking out a dress for her speech.

And then there's Rep. Paul Broun, a Republican in Georgia, who is actually running unopposed. He believes the world was created in six literal days...and sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology. With Todd Akin. "The Magic Vagina guy?" Stewart said. "Are you sure this isn't the House Committee Against Science and Technology?"


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