Tagg Romney Wanted to Punch Obama at the Debate

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Behind their handsome faces, the Romney boys are a little intense. Tagg Romney said the debate made you want to "jump out of your seat and you want to rush down the debate stage and take a swing at him" -- him being the President of the United States. Speaking in a Bright Lights, Big City-style second person, Tagg also explained to North Carolina radio host Bill LuMaye that while "you" wanted to punch Obama when he called Mitt Romney a liar, "you know you can't do that because well first because there's a lot of Secret Service between you and him. But also because this is the nature of the process, they're going to do everything they can do to try to make my dad into someone he's not. We signed up for it. We've gotta kind of sit there and take our punches and then send them right back the other way."

Tagg wasn't the only one who didn't enjoy Obama's debate performance at Hofstra University. This Reuters photo of Josh Romney watching Obama speak was going around the Internets on Wednesday:


Sure, the guys look nonthreatening when they play Jenga. But underneath that wholesome exterior they're like a family of Hulks.

(Photo via Reuters.)

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